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Great Transaction!!! You Got A Regular Customer!!! AAA+ !!! Buyer: rheaton12 Dec-05-12 10:58 1 LB Jiaogulan Gynostemma pentaphyllum POWDER

Amazingly fast shipping! This is my second order. Will order again. Buyer: tildakhexe Jun-17-12 11:11 1LB INDIAN ASHWAGANDHA ROOT POWDER

everything was as expected i will buy from them for years to come Buyer: tim.leah May-31-12 20:05 1LB Tongkat Ali Powder

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Great Seller Fast and Good communication Thank you so much A+ Buyer: vlad300 May-25-12 21:39 1LB Fo-ti Root Powder

Awesome!!! Far beyond my expectations!!! Thk u so much :) Buyer: garfix Mar-08-12 13:36 1 LB WheatGrass POWDER

Awww... I just had my first cup... DEEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS!!! PLUS green tea is OVERFLOWING with good stuff, I'm s glad I found you in my own state (CA, I mean)... "I'll be bak", to speak with the former Governor :)Thanks again, and I'll bbl (be back later) ~ ***S***s

Hmm... this smells so yummy, hard fought for, bet it tastes VERY rewarding A+++! Buyer: euro-gal1 Feb-27-12 16:29 2 LBS MATCHA Green Tea Powder

Great Communication! Good Deal -Money saver Thanks! Buyer: artshop201 Feb-19-12 18:41 1 LB Stevia Extract white powder

worthy of a goddess Buyer: nyckino Feb-13-12 16:57 1 LB Gynostemma pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan) POWDER

Lightening fast delivery and super packaging. Well Done !! Great Seller Buyer: jaynie3742 Feb-11-12 10:35 2 LBS WheatGrass POWDER

beautiful bag, very high quality, fast ship. thank you! Buyer: mgonsalves4 Feb-02-12 13:00 2 LBS Indian Tumeric Turmeric Root Powder

Excellent!! Excellent Shipping & Handling!! Excellent Overall!! A++++ Buyer: jaedyndicarlo Jan-19-12 08:39

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Fast Ship!--Great Communicator--Went the Xtra Mile 4 a GREAT EXPERIENCE!! a+ Buyer: st-a***o***-church*** Jan-14-12 04:51

OOMMGG!!!! I LOVE THE INTOXICATING SMELL!!!! Buyer: alexktylor May-10-12 14:45 1 LB Rosemary Powder

you are selling great stuff, I would like to recommend to everyone! Great dealing with you and hope to be back, best ~ l****z

your product is very fresh. incredible fast shipping. Very fresh herb and pungent. Great to do a sale wih you. very happy thanks. Merry Christmas ~ d***a***p

Awesome - You Rock. A+++++++++++++ Thx again Buyer: 10earth Jan-23-12 19:59

The order arrived before I expected it. Cannot believe you got it out as fast as you did! Haven't tried the samples sent with it, but they smell wonderful! This was my second order with you and I am totally amazed and delighted! Buyer: David Jan-31-12 1:40 1/2 LB Stevia Extract white powder 93%

Fast ship.Good communication.Excellent service& Free Gift.AAA+++ Buyer: johanna-n-texas Feb-24-12 22:35 2 LBS Stevia Extract white powder

Repeat cutomer love all your teas results.. Thank you Buyer: d.alramahi

Mar-11-12 21:43 1 LB Slim Goddess MATCHA ROSEMARY BLEND Aroma green Tea Powder

REPEAT delighted customer,feeling so much better HAPPY :-) A1++++ THANKS!!!!! Buyer: pete!!pete!! Mar-20-12 23:03 1 LB Reishi Mushroom Powder

repeat customer,thanks for new life style, feeling good,A1++:) Buyer: pete!!pete!! Mar-20-12 22:54 1 LB Fo-ti Root Powder

Im already trying my purchases, I'm starting to feel better, my husband is proud to see me doing more in the house, being more like my old self, thanks girls for your help. ~ Linda Feb-02-12 22:00

thanks from the bottom of my heart, you have been wonderful, I really needed and appreciated you wonderful knowledge. I'm feeling better, I can tell a big difference. Now I'm a happy camper. thanks for the info, you are the best, I'm glad beyond words I found you. Thanks so much, love you girls, you're wonderful!!!!! with sincere thanks, Linda Sent: Mar-21-12 10:48 PM

I want to thank you for your outstanding herb. I had my prostate cancer removed years ago. Your Tongkat Ali powder did wonder on my sexual life. I had immediate result after took it. Thank you! - M. William

The order arrived before I expected it. Cannot believe you got it out as fast as you did! Haven't tried the samples sent with it, but they smell wonderful! This was my second order with you and I am totally amazed and delighted! -David M.

I have to tell you I tried a half tsp of your product and felt an immediate good reaction similar to the extract powders I have used. I was just trying to understand the difference between tongkat ali powder and tongkat ali extract powder. Are the both as effective? Any information would be appreciated. best, -Dr. L.O

I wanted to thank you for the part you played in helping me restore my mother back to health. I made her some serious concoctions with the herbs that you had supplied and a year later she went from the Dr.'s wanting to amputate both her legs, to today MERCURY FREE, ARTHRITUS FREE and FIBROMYALGIA FREE. Today she can completely walk with out pain. It is a miracle. And I thank you for your work in providing knowledge and product to people like us. We couldn't have found our miracle without you. - L. & C.

She is excited to do it and so appreciates all that you have done to help her regain her FULL health. It has been a long road, it took over 18 months to get her to where she has ZERO pain and can fully walk again. But healing does take time, we could not have done it without your outstanding herbs. - L. & C.

Just today my mom has acknowledged that she has been feeling the effects of the tea... She has always had a hard time eating meals without some sort of choking going on... Back in the late 70's she was diagnosed with a smokers throat cancer and she never smoked a day in her life... the Dr.'s wanted to remove her voice box... but she refused... so they shot her up with an ungodly amount of raw radiation, which burned her throat up from the inside out. The Dr.'s told her that she would never speak again, which she didn't for many years. It was then that we started looking for alternative methods for her healing and totally disregarded western medicine all together. Back then she was given 6 months to live, but after a series of hard core alternative methods of treatment, many years later she has survived and eventually regained her ability to talk, but the stupid radiation treatments caused her to choke at almost every meal. Because of it, she is always been self conscious to eat with anyone aside from family or in public. But since she had been drinking her tea, it seems like she can get through her meals lately without choking. I have been wanting to find something that would address that health concern for her for years... but where do you even look for something to help heal a throat to allow a smooth swallow? That's not something that normally can be Googled. But this tea seems to be helping that situation as well. So I wanted to thank you... because not only has she regained her health back from this horrific bout with mercury poisoning... but it seems like she might be able to eat normally now because of whatever is in this tea. SO THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN. We are honored that you have involved yourself in our endeavor to find her total restoration.- L. & C.

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