*All of our Herbal products are packaged in Brand New Food Grade Pre-sterilized Brilliant SHINING GOLD-FOIL ZIP-LOCK bags that are HEAT SEALED with expiration dates impressed on wide sealing strips to control contamination during transportation and storage.  
*Our SHINING GOLD-FOIL bags feature INNER ZIP-LOCK CLOSURE for easy re-seal, keep herb's freshness, and eliminate contamination during daily usage, travel and storage
*Our SHINING GOLD-FOIL ZIP-LOCK bags feature easy-open grooves on the edges that provides effortless and convenience to open bags without the need of a scissor.
*The backside of inner layer of Our SHINING GOLD-FOIL ZIP-LOCK bags are Shining Reflective Silver-Foil material to further control contamination.
* Labels: Colored Glossy Photo Paper, or Black/white.

Samples of photos of our current Gold-Foil Bags are attached below. (the characters are photo watermarks, not printing on bags)
Our GOLD-FOIL ZIP-LOCK BAGS: have excellent barrier properties that make our herb powder impervious to light, moisture, gases, bacteria, and odors, shading from sun light and radiation, resisting high temperature and low temperature, protecting loss of herbal fragrance, resisting penetration of oil. Our Gold-Foil bags are also non-toxic, tasteless, softness, have excellent insulation against oxygen and light, and possess other characteristics of aluminum foil zip-lock bags.

1.Order >=2 LBS of a same herb in a bulk price, you may receive bulk packing bags. Order >= 2 LBS of a same herb in a 1LB as base price, you will receive several 1 LB bags. Example: order 5 LBS of herb Jiaogulan from preset 5LBS Jiaogulan, might receive bulk packaging of 5 LBS bags or 2LBS+3LBS bags; Order 5x 1LB base price, will receive 5 of 1 LB bags.

2. Goddess Special Tea Powder's formula may be updated (add and/or eliminate fewer herbs) after a period of time for better formula. When the formula changes, the labels will NOT BE ABLE TO UPDATED, but the changes will be reflected on DESCRIPTION PAGE  of that herb in our stores. 
We are constantly researching for better herbal combinations. These special herbal blends are special designed to make maximum strength and potency to each key benefit with special formulation and collocation based on knowledge, research, practice and adjustment for our goddesses' special needs.

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* I received the wrong product, what can I do?
Please email us and let the representative know that you received the wrong item or that your order was processed incorrectly. Our representative will take note of the error and your issue will be resolved within a few days.

* How do I return my order?
Unfortunately, we DO NOT allow returned product to protect our consumers.

*  Do you provide refunds?
All sales of our products are FINAL and your credit card or paypal will be charged at the point of purchase.


* New, Fresh ground. Expires after 2 years. Our dried powders are sold out very fast. We don't store herbal powders for more than 1 month old.


* INSTRUCTIONS OF USAGE: We send you INSTRUCTIONS with your invoice and tracking information via EMAIL. Please be sure to look for it.
*** THE MOST IMPORTANT: OUR MIND CREATE REALITIES! Positive thoughts create us positive realities. Negative thoughts creates us negative realities. Negative thoughts can become a negative additives to our food or drink and even can make us sick. The Law Of Attraction is very IMPORTANT law to drink or take herbs and teas. If you think positively when you take the herbs, your sickness might be cured shortly. On the other hand, if you full of doubts and negative emotions to take the herbs, it will make you feel terrible or even get sick. Regardless what kind of method you are going to use, without the RIGHT MINDSET and POSITIVE ATTITUDE, any herbs and drugs, and alternative therapies and modern medical therapies can't do much benefit to you. When you take the herbs, you should be full of positive vibration and emotion, be blissful,  visualize it starts to heal, repair, and enrich your body, and  be full of gratitude and belief. This herb meditation will maximize herbal benefits and the only method to make your herbal experiences worthwhile. 

Different herbs have different tastes. Some of the method can improve taste to enjoy your herbal powder and herbal powder mixes. We provide some ideas for your references. You may discover your own method which is best fit for you.

Method 1: Put 1/4 - 1/2 tsp of herb powder in a cup, add 1/2 - 1 tsp of organic raw honey to make a herbal paste. Take the sticky sweet jam and drink some water in the same time. Some of the herbs are very bitter that the honey paste might be the only way to take the herbs without capsule.

Method 2: Put 1/4 - 1/2 tsp of herb powder into 1/2 bowl of mix of nuts, seeds and raisins (wash and drain the mix ahead of time). Blend them evenly. No water should be added into the bowl. But keep a cup of warm water by the side. Take the mixture of food and drink water when you feel needed. Add some honey if you need more sweetness. This is a very tasty way to take herb powder and herb mixes.

Method 3: Put 1/4~ 1/2 tsp of herb powder into a cup, add 1/16 tsp of Stevia Extract powder or 1/2 tsp of organic raw honey (can also add little bit lemon juice if you like), and then add a little hot or warm purified water, stir it until it is well -mixed, and then add more warm water to make a cup of herbal tea. If any residue remains at the bottom, repeat the same process and drink it again, so that you don't waste any powder.

Method 4: Put 1/4 - 1/2 tablespoon of herb powder into a blender. Add your favorite juice (about one cup), and blend the drink until the herb is incorporated into your drink. You may want to make this sometimes.

Method 5: Use herb powder to make fruit smoothies. Place 1/4 - 1/2 tablespoon of herb powder into a blender. Then add 1/2 cup of your favorite fruit or vegetable (Bananas, carrots, etc) and 1 cup of your favorite juice (orange juice, etc), and 1/2 cup of ice. Blend all the ingredients until the items are creamy. It is another creative way to enjoy herbs.

Method 6: En-capsule it.

Method 7: Make your own Herbal Tincture or extracts. Tinctures are concentrated, liquid forms of herbal medicine that are simple to make and easy to assimilate. They have a long shelf life about 2 to 5 years. Process: put 100g dried herbal powder in a glass jar - Pour in 500ml alcohol or vinegar - close jar's lid - store in room temperature - shake it every day - filter the tincture out and pour in a dark container after at least 30 days - reuse the residue as compost for your garden if you like - seal and store the tincture in dark dry place - take 1 or 2 drops under tongue or into a a cup of hot water - enjoy your herbal extract tea.

Take herb powders in any of above methods twice daily. You may also alternate different methods for a period of time so you will not get bored for one method.

EXTERNAL USE:All natural HERB SUNSCREEN cream, herbal facial mask, herbal bath, herbal hair conditioner...


FOR BASIC HEALTH CARE: 1/4 tsp~ 1/2 tsp (Herbal Powder or Mineral) or 1/16 tsp ~ 1/8 tsp (Herbal Extract), 2 times daily is recommended for general people.

FOR TREATMENT: Healing effect of herbs is ˇ°dosage specificˇ± and not everyone is the same. You need to take your dosage to what's called ˇ°Body Toleranceˇ±. When you take TOO MUCH, you'll get some symptoms. But you can't know what TOO MUCH is for your body until you take it to this point and then back off a little. So start out with about 1/4 tsp of herb 2 times daily, If you feel it starts to work on your problem then just stay at 1/4 tsp x2 a day. If not, then increase it to 1/2 tsp x2. Then again to 1 tsp x2 if needed. Some need this amount, others will find the 1/4tsp x2 is too much and need to back off to 1/8 tsp x2. No problem, do what works for you and do it daily. Please note that some of the herbs can't over does. If you are not sure, stay in safe dosage daily. 

You may or may not experience Detox Symptoms as some of our herbs are highly detoxifying:
Some of our herbs are chock full of chlorophyll and other detox agents. They help to remove heavy metals and chemical toxins from the body by safely cleansing and purging the body of harmful elements. Detox symptoms (including: headache, nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, acne/rashes, strong body odor, constipation, etc) These symptoms are usually short-term and individual's symptoms may vary. Sometimes adding some honey or stevia or fruit juice or nuts seeds may reduce the symptoms if you prefer to not have the symptoms. Understand that those symptoms are natural and good. These symptom may disappear after fewer days. Even if you wish to feel those same symptoms again, you won't be able to feel them any more no matter how long you take it, unless you take a 1 month break from detoxifying herbs, then you may feel them once more.

Individual's symptoms may vary. You may experience longer time to get effects and benefits as others, or may not experience it all. Some people may have strong reaction, some may have minor ones, and the others may not have any.

You should not take herbs continually over a long period of time on a daily basis, as your body may build an immunity to the herb itself, or you may experience side effects. The exception to this would be when treating a chronic illness, but even then, there should be time off for your body from the herbs on a regular schedule. Too high a dosage or taking these herbs for too long without a break may actually reduce immunity or have positive or negative effects that we are not yet familiar with. Our bodies can build up a tolerance to the herbs so that it requires more of those to get the same effect. You will not be able to feel no effect on your body any more. To be safe and get full effective benefit of herbs, it is suggested to take a break off after 1 month usage. The break can be 1 week to 1 month. And then resume after the cycle, and repeat for long-tem.


1)Take only small piece
2) Wash it thoroughly
3) Chop it into smaller pieces
4) Put them into cup
5) Add 1 cup of hot water
6) Cover with a lid and wait for 5 ~ 10 mins
7) Take deep breath of steam of the fresh aroma. It helps clear lung, lift mood, rejuvenates body.
8) Take small sips of the fresh tea (Add 1/16 tsp of stevia extract or honey if you like make it sweeter)
9) Store unwashed fresh herbs in refrigerator and try to consume it as soon as possible before the nutrition has diminished. ( *Fresh Flowers can't store for one week, use it asap; Fresh Leaves normally can store over several weeks. It is best to use fresh herbs asap)

*** WARNING: Avoid overdose of any herbs and herbal powder. If you happen overdose any herb, stop taking it for a period of time and drink lot of water. Some of the herbs may not suit for pregnant women and people who have certain medical conditions. Please consult your doctor and do more search before you take any herb. Keep out of reach of children.

for educational purposes only
This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult a qualified physician before experimenting with the herbs.

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The whole herbs, containers, accessories and decorations in the photos of our herb powders are NOT INCLUDED in the selling listings. They are for illustration usage only.

Our herbs are fresh ground with their natural aroma. Their freshness can be preserved for another 2 years or so. To preserve freshness, aroma and potency, the products should be stored in places which protects the contents from light exposure and moisture. 

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